Frick Symposium Rehearsal and Holiday Party

Thanks to all who contributed to the success of the annual Frick Symposium Rehearsal and the holiday party afterwards! Congratulations to Hye-ri Oh, who will be representing the department at the Frick with her paper, “Yesul Sajin Chŏllamhoe: Chŏng Hae-ch’ang’s 1929 ‘Art Photography Exhibition’ and Changing Conceptions of Photography in Korea.”

Hye-ri Oh presents her paper at the Frick Symposium Rehearsal.

Faculty, staff, students, and families gather for the annual holiday party following the Frick Rehearsal.

Frick Symposium Rehearsal

Please join us on Tuesday, December 13 at 2:00 pm in FA 209 for the annual Frick Symposium Rehearsal. Every fall the department receives an invitation to send a speaker to the Annual Symposium in the History of Art, held at the Frick Collection and the Institute of Fine Arts in New York in collaboration with the Frick Collection curatorial staff. The symposium is organized by the Graduate Student Organization of the IFA. Fourteen graduate programs in Art History in the region send a nominee to read a 15-minute paper. In general, the presentations are based on doctoral projects, although many, including some very successful ones, have been developed from Masters theses, seminar papers, or other original research. The Symposium offers each participant the opportunity to represent his or her graduate program at a prestigious event as well as to gain valuable experience in constructing and delivering a major paper and, of course, to meet students, faculty, and museum professionals from leading regional institutions.

The speakers are all students in the graduate program of the Department of Art History at Binghamton University. A reception will follow in FA 218 at 4:30 pm.


Chris Balsiger, “Emil Kaufmann: A Case for the Social History of Autonomous Architecture”

Eva Kelly, “Trauma and Remembrance in Anselm Kiefer’s Shulamite

Josh T. Franco, “Moving Art and the Art of Moving Goods”

Angelique Szymanek, “Victimizing the Viewer: Early Feminist Performance Art and Rape”

Hyeyun Chin, “The Staging of Global Commerce: Printed Images of the Royal Exchange in Early Modern London”

Hye-ri Oh, “Yesul Sajin Chŏllamhoe: Chŏng Hae-ch’ang’s 1929 ‘Art Photography Exhibition’ and Changing Conceptions of Photography in Korea”

Rotem Rozental, “Silence of the Lost Object”