Pamela Smart in Houston

Associate Professor of Anthropology and Art History Pamela Smart recently participated in a series of events organized by the Menil Collection in tribute to the collection’s much-loved Byzantine frescoes, which will return to Cyprus later this year. The frescoes have been on long-term loan to the Menil Collection since 1983 and a special chapel (designed by Francois de Menil) was built and consecrated to house them during the interim years. On Thursday, February 16, Smart presented a talk titled “Collecting as a Vocation: the Menil Project,” reflecting on the unique practices and strategies of the collection’s founder, Dominique de Menil. The following Sunday, Smart took part in a panel discussion with Annemarie Weyl Carr (University Distinguished Professor of Art History at S.M.U.) and William Vendley (Secretary General of the World Conference of Religions for Peace) on the collection’s commitment to fostering the relationship between art and spirituality.

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