Call for Papers: College Art Association, 2013–Interventions into Postcolonialism and Beyond: A Call for New Sites, Objects, and Times

Kivanc Kilinc (PhD ’09) will be co-chairing a panel at the College Art Association’s 101st annual meeting in New York City next year. Please see below for the call for papers. Full submission information can be found at

Interventions into Postcolonialism and Beyond: A Call for New Sites, Objects, and Times

This session calls for projects that problematize sites, objects, and times which were not “officially” colonized, and hence fall outside the typical areas of postcolonial inquiry. Although we are in pursuit of projects that are informed by postcolonial criticism, we require the intervention of the author by introducing new sites (broadly defined). The main questions we will explore are: is postcolonial critique to become a new “universal” with its own set of norms, or will it open up new and unexplored empirical and theoretical horizons? Where and how should we define our temporal, geographical, and conceptual boundaries, particularly relating to sites with dubious colonial experiences? The call for papers is open to all areas of art and architectural history, regardless of time period and geography. Yet, empirically and methodologically innovative studies in/on socially complex and multicultural sites are especially welcome.

Please send proposals/abstracts to:

Kivanc Kilinc, Izmir University of Economics, Izmir:; and Saygin Salgirli, Sabanci University, Istanbul:

Proposals for papers due to session chairs on May 4, 2012


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