Next VizCult: Diane Butler, Binghamton University

“New Directions for the University Art Museum: A Conversation with the Director”

Wednesday, October 3, 5:15 pm

University Art Museum

Please join us on Wednesday, October 3 for a conversation with Dr. Diane Butler, the new director of the Binghamton University Art Museum, who will discuss her ideas for the museum’s future. Note that for this talk we will meet in the new Kenneth Lindsay Study Gallery within the art museum itself, the entrance of which is located on the first floor of the southern side of the Fine Arts building.

Monday at CEMERS: Annabel Wharton


The Harpur College Dean’s Workshop


Annabel Jane Wharton

William B. Hamilton Professor of Art History

Duke University

Francesco Hayez, Destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem, 1867.

The Violence of Heights: Jerusalem’s Zions

Monday, September 24

3:00  LN 1106

Social elites exert their authority by monumentalizing prominent urban positions with institutions that represent their power—religious, economic, governmental. Heights or centers of cities generate monumental totems. Because of their close association with authority, such heights are dangerous places. No city exemplifies the totemic violence of heights better than Jerusalem—one of the world’s oldest continuously occupied, politically contested and religiously contentious sites.

Next VizCult: Leslie Vega, Binghamton University, TODAY

“A New Alexandria: Libraries and the Digital Revolution”

Wednesday, September 19, 5:15 pm

FA 218

Over the last two decades, libraries have sought to promote the latest in digital technologies. Yet many scholars, especially art historians, have an ambivalent relationship with technology and the costs and benefits of “going digital.” This lecture will discuss two approaches to digitization and libraries: the broad and immediate access that online art and art history resources provide, and the discourse addressing its limitations. I will also explore several library resources that are useful to the academic community, point to Digital Humanities projects that incorporate visual literacy into their framework, and stress the importance of the library as an intellectual hub.

Leslie Vega is the new Visual Arts Librarian at Binghamton University.

Graduate Student Activities: Josh Franco’s “Letter to Judd” and interview with Ben Brandt

Donald Judd
15 untitled works in concrete (detail)
2.5 x 2.5 x 5 meters
Permanent collection, the Chinati Foundation, Marfa, Texas
Photo by Douglas Tuck, 2001
Art © Judd Foundation/Licensed by VAGA, New York, NY

Please follow the links to doctoral student Josh Franco’s recent “Letter to Judd” on Austin-based e-journal …might be good and his interview with Ben Brandt in zingmagazine‘s online zingchats.

Fall 2012 schedule for VizCult

Marcel Breuer, Steel Club Armchair (B3), 1925. Photograph from the Marcel Breuer Digital Archive, Syracuse University.

Please join us for the following talks, all to be held at 5:15 in Fine Arts 218 unless otherwise noted:

September 19: Leslie Vega, Visual Arts Librarian, Binghamton University

October 3: Diane Butler, Director of University Art Museum, Binghamton University

October 17: Jonathan Massey, Associate Professor, School of Architecture, Syracuse University

October 31: Gauvin Bailey, Professor and Bader Chair in Southern Baroque, Department of Art History, Queen’s University

November 14: Brian Wall, Assistant Professor, Department of Cinema, Binghamton University