Next VizCult: Jonathan Massey, Syracuse University (RESCHEDULED FOR FEBRUARY 13)

“Archive, Article, Atlas: Geospatial Histories of Architecture”

Wednesday, October 17, 5:15 pm

FA 218

The convergence of spatial history with digital methods for mapping and managing information is changing architectural research. What new questions can we ask and answer about time by framing analysis through space? Jonathan Massey reviews the tools, methods, and products of geospatial architectural history through three projects-in-progress: an archive, an article, and an atlas. The Marcel Breuer Digital Archive will support geospatial analysis of more than 30,000 archival objects relating to the leading Bauhaus and Brutalist architect. The article “Occupying Wall Street: Places and Spaces of Political Action” maps the changing nature of public and polities at the intersection of urban places and online spaces. Students, staff, and faculty at and beyond Syracuse University are initiating research for Upstate Modern, an online atlas of Upstate New York urban history. These three initiatives demonstrate some of the possibilities for researching and teaching architecture via geospatial history.

Jonathan Massey is the Laura J. and L. Douglas Meredith Professor for Teaching Excellence in the School of Architecture at Syracuse University.

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