Faculty and Graduate Student Activities: Nancy Um and Hala Auji in Denver

Nasif al-Yaziji. Kitab fasl al-khitab fi usul lughat al-i’rab [A Discourse on the Rules of Grammar]. Bayrut: al-Matba’a al-Amirkaniyya, 1836.

Doctoral student Hala Auji and Associate Professor Nancy Um will present papers at the 46th Annual Meeting of the Middle East Studies Association (MESA) in Denver, CO on November 17th. Chaired by Professor Um, the panel is titled Unstable Objects: Shifting Genealogies of Art, Artists, and Images in the Middle East.

Auji’s paper title is “Arabic Books in Flux: The Early Publications of the American Syria Mission (1836-1860),” and Um’s title is The So-Called “Indian Wedding Chair”: Unresolved Narratives of Dispersal in a Cosmopolitan Woodworking Tradition.”

Congratulations to Auji, who received a Grabar Travel Grant from the Historians of Islamic Art Association to fund her participation at this conference!

For the full conference program, click here.

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