Faculty Activities: Kevin Hatch at Miami University


Assistant Professor Kevin Hatch will give a talk on Thursday, March 21, hosted by the Department of Art within the School of Creative Arts at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. The talk considers the complexities of medium, genre, space, and spectatorship that have attended the rise of the large-scale projected-image installation in contemporary art, using recent work by Steve McQueen as its case study. For additional details, see the Miami Art Department website.

Harpur Cinema presents “A Different Path”

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Harpur Cinema’s “Forces of Nature” series features “A Different Path” (Monteith McCollum, USA, 2010), a film by a member of the Binghamton University Cinema Department, at 7:30 p.m. Friday, March 15, and Sunday, March 17, in LH-6.

In “A Different Path”, sidewalk activist Senior, a Critical Mass trumpeter, city Kayak-er and others use ingenuity and humor to solve their modern mobility dilemmas in an automobile-centric environment. Combining animation, cinematography and original music composed by McCollum (adjunct lecturer of cinema) and performed by Michael Louis Johnson, this film is an artistic and poetic treatment of personal struggle and environmental concern over livable cities. “A gripping, soulful film,” writes June Chua, Toronos Rabble.ca. Special note: McCollum will introduce the film on Friday, March 15, and will answer questions after the screening. “A Different Path” premiered at South by Southwest in 2010 and was nominated for the Pare Lorentz Award of the International Documentary Association.

Admission is $4. For questions or information, call 607-777-4998 or e-mail nwlostow@binghamton.edu. For more information about McCollum and his film, follow the link.

Visiting artist Margaret Maugenest at Rosefsky Gallery

Visiting artist Margaret Maugenest welcomes spring at the Rosefsky Gallery with an art installation of large diaphanous paintings on silk and other smaller works. She will give a presentation on her evolution from large paintings to small and then to painting on silk at 5 p.m. Friday, March 15, in the gallery. The colorful large silk paintings on display are from a series she calls “Painted Light.” The panels are hung from the ceiling. Because of their translucence, they interact with light as well as their surrounding environment. The smaller pieces in the exhibition show some other materials with which Maugenest likes to work, such as watercolors on cigarette papers and Japanese Shikishi Paper Boards.

Maugenest was born in Indonesia of Asian and European descent. One of her Dutch forebears, Abraham Toorop, came to Indonesia in the 1700s. He was an indigo maker. Another relation, also a Toorop, was a batik artist in Central Java. Maugenest dedicates her silk installation to their memory.

The Rosefsky Gallery is open from noon-4 p.m. Monday through Friday. The show will run through March 22.

Monday at CEMERS: Jerrilynn Dodds


The Harpur College Dean’s Workshop


Jerrilynn D. Dodds

Dean of the College of Sarah Lawrence College

Professor of Art History

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Cantiga 169

Ambivalence in the Urban Fabric: Alfonso X’s Colonial Project in Murcia

Monday, March 18

3:00  LN 1106

The Cantigas de Santa Maria lay out a complex narrative of the Colonial project of King Alfonso X of Castile.  He must, on one hand, consolidate conquered lands, incorporating a social and economic fabric that depends on its indigenous Muslim populations.  He must also, however, present the image of a polity that unequivocally reflects the reign of an unquestioned Christian church.  The tensions borne of this ambivalence are felt in interesting ways in the exploration of Castilian attitudes towards the mosques of submitted populations, and their conversion into churches.