Graduate Student Activities: Josh Franco

Alison-Kuo-1117-Garland-promo-image_web1Image courtsey of Alison Kuo, from the exhibition Colorful Food at Eleven Seventeen Garland in Austin, Texas.

Please follow the links to doctoral student Josh Franco’s recent interviews with Alison Kuo and Fabian Barba in zingmagazine‘s online zingchats. Josh also spoke with the San Antonio-based Más Rudas Collective (MRC) in the summer of 2012 in advance of their installation at Artpace, a conversation which can be read here.

Last summer, Josh also was invited to travel to the Netherlands to participate in “The New World (Dis) Order and the Challenge of Social Justice: Ethics and the Decolonial Option,” a summer course held at the Roosevelt Academy in Middleburg in partnership with the Center for Global Studies and the Humanities at Duke University. Josh received funding for his participation from the Clifford D. Clark fellowship and from Utrecht University.


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