Faculty Activities: Karen Barzman at RSA


Hand-drawn map of Northern Dalmatia, pen & ink with watercolor, unsigned and undated
51 x 41.8 cm (21 x 16 ½ inches)
Archivio di Stato di Venezia, Miscellanea Mappe 639

In addition to chairing the panel Early Modern England and Global Markets: Performance, Piracy, and Political Economy, Associate Professor Karen Barzman has been busy in San Diego at the 59th annual conference of the Renaissance Society of America. She also organized two panels titled “Views from the Sea:  Maritime Perspectives on Venice and the Stato da Mar,” one of which she is chairing and will be contributing a paper–titled “Transcribing Views:  Manuscript Maps of Venetian Dalmatia and Hand-Drawn Facsimiles”–in the other.  Along with Ricardo Padrón (University of Virginia), she organized three panels titled “Re-Situating the Philippines:  Interdisciplinary and Cross-Cultural Perspectives.”  And as Discipline Representative for Art History, she is also attending meetings for the society’s council and the editorial board of the journal, Renaissance Quarterly.


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