Alumni Activities: Cindy Stelmackowich


Cindy Stelmackowich (PhD 2010) is currently a research fellow at the Göttingen Institute of Advanced Study in Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Germany, working on a project titled Making 18th-Century Medical Knowledge Visible: Regimes of Visuality, Technologies of Vision during the German Enlightenment. She was delighted to find that fellows have office space in an observatory built in 1803, whose renovation around ten years ago into a modern office and reception space kept intact a number of historical instruments and meridian rooms.  In 1751, Göttingen also became the first city in the world to have a maternity hospital and clinic, so it has important obstetrical and medical moulage collections. And it is the place to see Blumenbach’s skulls––collected by the renowned doctor in the 18th century to further the research and teaching that established the field of ‘comparative anatomy’ studies.

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