Graduate Activities: Lyno Vuth at Asia Art Archive in America, New York

Alternative Art Engagement: Sa Sa Art Projects

by Lyno Vuth

Sunday, March 2, 2014, 7pm

Asia Art Archive in America, New York

Bonn Phum - Postcard_Page_1

Bonn Phum Nov Bo-Ding (2014), a series of cross-platform exhibitions and events at Phnom Penh’s White Building from 18-25 Jan. The festival was organized by Sa Sa Art Projects in partnership with Big Stories (Australia), AZIZA school and many artists and residents from the White Building. Photo by Chhon Pisal.

Sa Sa Art Projects is Phnom Penh’s only artist-run space dedicated to experimental art practices. Founded in 2010 by art collective Stiev Selapak and located inside a low-income urban neighborhood called the White Building, Sa Sa Art Projects explores and challenges the possibilities of art by engaging Cambodian and visiting artists, creative individuals, students, and the White Building’s residents in realizing art projects and events that are accessible and enjoyable by everyday Cambodians. Sa Sa Art Projects does these by focusing on three main areas: experimental art residency program with Cambodian and visiting artists, art and media workshops with artists and young residents of the White Building and Phnom Penh city, and special collaborative projects.

Lyno Vuth is currently a Fulbright Fellow undertaking an MA in Art History at Binghamton University. He is also an artist, curator, and artistic director of Sa Sa Art Projects. Coming from international development background, his art practice and research interest center on socially engaged, participatory, and experimental arts.

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