Faculty Activities: Karen-edis Barzman at “Crossing the Boundaries”


Join us for Professor Karen-edis Barzman’s “Crossing the Boundaries” faculty keynote address, titled “Political Topographies and Counter-Practices of Place: A Case Study in Mapping.”

The talk will be held on Saturday, April 5, at 4:30pm (FA 258). For the complete conference schedule, click here.

Karen-edis Barzman
is Associate Professor of Art History at Binghamton University. Trained as an early modern Italianist, she has developed a set of critical concerns informed by semiotics and continental philosophy. Discipline Representative for Art History and Architecture at the Renaissance Society of America (RSA), she also serves on the editorial board of the Society’s journal, Renaissance Quarterly.

She is currently working on two books – The Limits of Identity:  Venice, Dalmatia, and the Representation of Difference, which looks at borderlands as thresholds of difference, and Cartography and the Paper Management of the Early Modern State, a genealogy of mapping in the context of the imperial archive.

For more information, visit http://ctbconf.wordpress.com/2014/03/18/faculty-keynote-speaker-barzman/.

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