Faculty Activities: Nancy Um at UC Berkeley


This week, Associate Professor Nancy Um will be participating in the University of California, Berkeley’s annual Mobilities and Materialities of the Early Modern World Working Group. See below and visit http://townsendgroups.berkeley.edu/group/mobilities-and-materialities-early-modern-world for more information.

Global in scope, the Mobilities and Materialities of the Early Modern World Working Group seeks to integrate through interdisciplinary discussion two different spheres of scholarly inquiry: macro-economic studies of international networks and micro-historical engagements with materialities. In recent years, the promotion of synchronic, transnational fields, such as the ‘Global Renaissance,’ has made it incumbent on emerging scholars to develop competencies far outside traditionally defined specialties. This working group is designed to address the needs of a new generation of scholars, and to appeal to both dissertating and pre-candidacy doctoral students. By organizing a series of topically-relevant symposia that feature presentations by leading faculty, the working group aspires to function as a forum, exposing graduate students in different disciplines to research trends and alternative methodologies.


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