Graduate Activities: Rotem Rozental


Nelly Agassi, Drawing No. 1, 2014, ink-jet print, 47 1/4 x 35 1/2″. Image courtesy of Artforum.

Doctoral candidate Rotem Rozental spent the summer in Israel working with the Shpilman Institute for Photography and the Jerusalem Season of Culture. While in Tel Aviv, she wrote a number of reviews for about local exhibitions such as Luciana Kaplun’s Gilda, Nevet Yitzhak’s Orient Express, Nelly Agassi’s Down Where the Little Fishes Grow and Nadav Assor’s Angels.

She also launched the online project PostScript for the Jerusalem Season of Culture, a space that exposes JSOC’s archival materials, upon which new conversations begin and international discussions are further investigated. Acknowledging the difficulty in maintaining an international dialogue and retaining the momentum of cross-states projects, PostScript attempts to bridge this gap by creating entry points to discourse, recognizing the absence of this crucial platform. She was also invited to join the lexical research group Photo-lexic, working as part of the Minerva Center in Tel Aviv University.

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