Graduate Activities: Melissa Fitzmaurice and Dengyan Zhou featured in Inside Binghamton for Graduate Excellence Awards

Congratulations to doctoral students Dengyan Zhou and Melissa Fitzmaurice, both recipients of Binghamton’s Graduate Excellence Awards for 2014-2015 and both currently featured in “Inside Binghamton”:

Melissa Fitzmaurice – Art History


Called inspiring and engaging by her nominators, Melissa Fitzmaurice brings to the classroom a deep knowledge of her subject matter and an ability to communicate complex concepts to a diverse group of students. She is extremely gifted at leading students through difficult material, nimbly responding to their pace and clarifying points as needed. She also finds creative ways to reach out to students who may be foundering, helping them to realize they are capable and allowing all of her students to push themselves intellectually by finding that motivation through genuine curiosity. Like all good scholars, she flows her research seamlessly into the classroom where she has offered a wide range of courses, including as instructor of record for four original undergraduate courses. Students praise her energy, commitment and clarity, as well as her flexibility in the classroom. Her friendly, funny and endlessly kind manner serves her well.

Dengyan Zhou – Art History


An active young scholar who is sought after as a collaborator, even by more senior scholars, Dengyan Zhou is using unstudied archival materials and close readings of historical sources to trace the shifting terms of photography, rather than its material output alone, to explore the cultural and intellectual backgrounds that conceptualized and substantiated the adaptation of photography in China. She uses unpublished materials and firsthand interviews with important pioneers of the Chinese photography community, along with restricted institutional archives and private collections in China that she has accessed. She has an impressive publication record of two book chapters, two books co-edited and several articles authored or co-authored in journals and conferences including the Journal of Journalism and Communication, Chinese Photography and War, Suffering, Intellectuals and Visual Memory. She has also published an interview and a translation, co-curated an exhibition at Shanghai Library in China, and participated in several local and international, professional projects.

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