Undergraduate and Faculty Activities: “Acquiring Art for the Museum” featured in Binghamton University Magazine

Anne McHugh

Anne McHugh championed the purchase of Käthe Kollwitz’s Tod Frau und Kind (Death, Woman and Child). It can be seen at the Art Museum through June 20. Photograph by Jonathan Cohen for Binghamton University Magazine.

University Art Museum Director Diane Butler’s course “Acquiring Art for the Museum”–and the acquisition that resulted, Käthe Kollwitz’s Tod Frau und Kind (Death, Woman and Child, advocated by Annie McHugh ’16)–are featured in the current Binghamton University Magazine:

Agostino Veneziano’s engraving was the first to go. Albrecht Dürer’s Satyr Family and Whistler’s Longshoremen were next.

Diane Butler, director of the Binghamton University Art Museum, watched with eager anticipation as her students made tough choices about eight prints they had come to admire. With each round of voting, a piece was crossed off the list. The final ballot would reveal which print would be purchased for the Museum’s permanent collection.

To read more, click here.


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