Graduate Activities: Graduate Publications Bring Attention to the Art History Program

Publications by current and recent graduate students scheduled to appear in internationally circulating juried journals are bringing new attention and visibility to the graduate program in the History and Theory of Art and Architecture at Binghamton University.

Na’ama Klorman-Eraqi (PhD 2013) has two articles in press: “The Hackney Flashers: Photography as a Socialist Feminist Endeavour,” which will appear in the British journal Photography and Culture; and “Underneath We’re Angry: Feminism and Media Politics in Britain in the Late 1970s and Early 1980s,” scheduled for publication in Feminist Media Studies. An important historical essay by Hye-ri Oh (PhD 2013,) “Translating Photography: The Migration of the Conception of ‘Sajin’ from Portraiture to Photography,” is scheduled for publication in the field journal History of Photography, volume 39, issue 4 (November 2015).  Doctoral candidate Rotem Rozental’s critical essay, “Under Dor Guez’s Bed: Scenes from the ‘Christian Palestinian Archive’,” has been accepted for publication in the British journal Photographies in 2016. And a long interview by Yang Lijun with doctoral candidate Dengyan Zhou, “Photography, History and Art History: An Interview with Zhou Dengyan, A Doctoral Candidate in Art History at Binghamton University” [“Sheying, Lishi, Yishushi: zhuanfang Binghanmudun daxue yishushi xi zaidu boshisheng Zhou Dengyan”], is to be published in Chinese Photographers [Zhongguo sheying jia] in October, 2015.

All these publications will appear in leading scholarly journals in the field over the next few months. They highlight the range, quality and innovativeness of graduate research in the department, adding to the long list of scholarly articles and books produced by graduates of the program over the past twenty-five years. Further details may be found at:

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