Graduate Activities: Zohreh Soltani in the bfo-Journal

bfo-journal_titel_250Doctoral candidate Zohreh Soltani has published an article, titled “Multi-Perspective Gardens of Gabriel Guevrekian: Persian Garden into Cubist Painting or Cubist Painting into Persian Garden,” in the most recent issue of the bfo-Journal:

The only surviving example of French modernist landscape design, Gabriel Guevrekian’s garden at Villa Noailles at Hyeres (1926-1927) has been described as “Persian”, “cubist”, “modern”, and “simultaneist”. The way the three dimensional Persian garden has been translated and abstracted into the spatial concept of cubism represents a tension between the planarity and spatiality of gardens as objects or spaces of art. This paper aims to push further these two competing aspects of these gardens – cubist and Persian – to illustrate the possibility of such coexistence.

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