Binghamton Art History at CAA

Don’t miss the following presentations and panels by Binghamton Art History students, faculty, and alumni at the 104th annual conference of the College Art Association in Washington, D.C. this weekend:

Wednesday, February 3, 9:30 am
The Critic as Feminist Artist: Carla Lonzi and Lucy Lippard’s Writing as Art
The Artist-Critic: History, Identity, Work
Jennifer Kennedy, University of Ottawa (PhD, Binghamton University, 2014)

Wednesday, February 3, 9:30 am
Here and Abroad: The Globalization of K(Korean)-Art and Other Myths
Negotiating Urban Identities: Spectacles and Conflicts in the Seoul Olympic Sculpture Park and the Gwangju Biennale
Yuri Chang, Binghamton University

Wednesday, February 3, 12:30 pm
Latina/o Presence in the Archives of American Art
Living Archives: Latin American and Latino Art Materials in U.S. Institutions
Josh Franco, Smithsonian Institution, Archives of American Art and Binghamton University

Thursday, February 4, 2:30 pm
Making A Killing: Art, Capital, and Value in the 21st Century
Panel chaired and organized by Tom McDonough, Binghamton University

Friday, February 5, 2:30 pm
Unmapped Routes: Photography’s Global Networks of Exchange
Pictorialism in Doubt: Landscape, Art Photography and Mass Media in 1920s Korea
Hye-ri Oh, University of Pittsburgh (PhD, Binghamton University, 2014)

Saturday, February 6, 12:30 pm
Digital Humanities in the Classroom: An Exchange
Panel chaired and organized by Jeannine Keefer, University of Richmond (PhD, Binghamton University, 2013)
Doing Digital Art History: Learning Digital Humanities Tools in a Workshop Environment
Kristen Gallant, Binghamton University

Saturday, February 6, 2:30 pm
An Art History of the Archive? – Part II
The Formation of a National Photographic Archive: Conflicts, Narratives, and Propaganda in Early Twentieth-Century Palestine
Rotem Rozental, Binghamton University


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