Graduate Activities: Paulina Banas and Rotem Rozental featured in Inside Binghamton for Graduate Excellence Awards

Congratulations to doctoral students Paulina Banas and Rotem Rozental, both recipients of Binghamton’s Graduate Excellence Awards for 2015-2016 and both currently featured in “Inside Binghamton”:

Paulina Banas – Art History

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 1.50.16 PM

Paulina Banas encourages students to closely analyze artworks and to understand the effects that art objects have on viewers. Her lectures are visually compelling and well-organized, integrating key critical questions for students to consider. She has an impressive ability to deal with large, over-arching issues in class, without neglecting the details. Her quiet determination and independence have twice led her department to ask her to teach her own undergraduate courses as instructor of record. She presents polished, coherent and perfectly timed lectures, and her students praise her ability to engage them in discussions and exploration of art. One student writes that she “deftly worked with the material and made it easily digestible for both majors and non-majors.” Another writes that, “The supportive reception of our contributions created an engaging classroom environment that not only helped with our retention but also served to deepen our level of understanding.”

Rotem Rozental – Art History

Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 1.50.59 PM

Rotem Rozental’s research, art writing and curatorial projects explore the intersections of cultural technologies, institutional archives and civic identity. Her work contributes to our understanding of the place of the photographic archive in the construction of national identities broadly, and in particular to our knowledge of the role of photography in the building of a specifically Zionist identity in the early 20th century. Through study of the photographic archive of the Jewish National Fund, she demonstrates its place in promoting what she calls “the materialization of the state” and its continuing impact into the present. She has given 10 public lectures, 16 conference presentations and has completed eight curatorial and artistic projects. She has published a dozen selected articles for the media, as well as one artist book, one exhibition text, one translation and three peer-reviewed journal articles in journals including Photographies, the Philosophy of Photography and Public Knowledge Journal.

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