Faculty Activities: Kevin Hatch at MoMA


Bruce Conner. CROSSROADS (promotional still). 1976. 35mm film (black and white, sound) transferred to video, 37 min. The Museum of Modern Art, New York and San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (Accessions Committee Fund purchase), with the generous support of the New Art Trust. © Bruce Conner 2016. Courtesy Conner Family Trust.

On Friday, September 23, Assistant Professor Kevin Hatch will give the keynote lecture at A Symposium on Bruce Conner, held at the Museum of Modern Art in conjunction with the exhibition BRUCE CONNER: IT’S ALL TRUE, which is the first complete retrospective of the artist’s 50-year career. Professor Hatch’s talk is titled “Not Thinking of You: A Letter from Bruce Conner”:

Among Bruce Conner’s many artistic mediums are the letters—sometimes serious, sometimes funny, and always fascinating—that he exchanged with figures ranging from other artists (like Wallace Berman and Ray Johnson) to pop culture celebrities (such as Dennis Hopper and John Lennon). Not only do these letters offer an unexpectedly intimate portrait of a particularly elusive artist, but they also point to something larger: a vision of an ideal art world, realized in epistolary form and unencumbered by the limitations and boundaries of a rapidly codifying art market.

Also see Hatch’s previews of the exhibition in Artforum and The Art Newspaper.


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