From the Visual Resources Collection: Archivision Additions


It is exciting to announce the addition of over 15,000 new images to our Shared Shelf Collection (accessible via ARTStor). These new modules from Archivision include 3,000 Italian artworks, ancient Roman frescoes, mosaics, sculpture and masterworks—paintings and sculpture—from the Medieval to Baroque periods.

In addition there are architectural works spanning the contemporary (Millennium Park in Chicago; works by Gehry, Pelli, Calatrava and Libeskind) to the ancient world (the mosaics from Villa Romana del Casale in Piazza Armerina, Sicily; Ephesus and other monuments of the Roman empire) and in between (French chateaux and gardens; Byzantine architecture in Mystras; Venice). Other highlights include Frank Lloyd Wright, major murals of Diego Rivera and excellent coverage of Oxford. There are images featuring Russia as a highlight  (over 2000 images including the major palaces and gardens around St. Petersburg and coverage in Moscow.)

The group also holds material from Paris, including several important hôtels, and London–extensive coverage of Chiswick House and grounds, plus many of Wren’s churches. For Classics there are ancient Roman drawings scanned directly from original 19th century volumes (348 plans, sections and elevations) and coverage of the Elgin marbles. Art from the Victoria and Albert Museum, including their amazing cast collection, provides survey support. A collection from Mexico is also included (Mexico City, Cuernavaca, Puebla and Taxco.) For the contemporary period, there is new architecture in London and in Los Angeles, including Gehry’s Disney Concert Hall and complete coverage of the Franklin D. Murphy Sculpture Garden at UCLA, and important works by Mackintosh like the Glasgow School of Art and the House of an Art Lover.

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