Faculty Activities: Blazo Kovacevic: Incited, Dowd Gallery, SUNY Cortland

About Incited
In the project Incited Blazo Kovacevic explores images, events and scenarios in which illegal immigrants are screened and mistreated. The work focuses on the human body as an obscure form, devalued into an abstraction that is rapidly losing physical properties in the context of today’s world viewed through the lens of technology. The concept of a disregard for individual life is integrated into the installation, which addresses the following notions:
       The end of privacy—exemplified by security inspections, body scans, and X-rays of personal possessions in both everyday life and time of unrest.
       Human trafficking—where the body becomes an abundant commodity that can be exploited by providing transport across state borders without using standard entry points or types of transportation.
       The body as a weapon—used as means for terrorism inflicted upon civilians in order to generate chaos and implement a strategic military and/or political advantage in a newly created social-political vacuum.
       The body as a source of pandemic disease – creating threats for humanity especially associated with current global migration patterns.
Ever-evolving geo-political conflicts produce incongruous social conditions and threats that often justify unprecedented actions supported by various groups and governments toward civilians including invasive searches, deportation, violations of human rights and privacy. Kovacevic’s work provides a visual platform characterized by a use of cutting edge technologies to emphasize these issues of dehumanization in simulated situations. The austere digital aesthetic contrasts with the raw reality of social conflict and upheaval.


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