Alumni Activities: Josh Franco at the Archives of American Art

Congratulations to Josh Franco (PhD 2016), who was recently named national collector for the Archives of American Art. Josh began work at the Archives in July 2015 on a contract basis, collecting papers documenting Latinx art. For that special project, Josh built and strengthening the Archives’ Latinx holdings and quickly developed relationships with a network of artists and arts communities across the United States. In a little more than two years, he acquired significant collections, including the papers of “Chaz” Bojórquez, Jaime Davidovich, Kathy Vargas, Jari “WERC” Alvarez and Geraldine “Gera” Lozano, Victor Zamudio-Taylor, Paul Ramirez Jonas, Andres Serrano, and many others. Josh’s new, permanent position as national collector will ensure that Latinx collections remain a vital part of the Archives’ collecting program, and that they continue to play an essential role in the ongoing interpretation of the history of visual arts in the US.

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