Upcoming Data Salon – Nancy Um presents “Data and the Future of the Humanities: Cases from Digital Art History”

Screenshot, artistsinparis.org

This data salon will be held in LN-1302C (Zurack Hi-Technology Collaboration Center) at 12 pm on Monday Nov. 19. Lunch will be provided.

Description: Researchers in the humanities are actively exploring new technologies and innovative computational methods to reinvigorate long-standing approaches to the study of literature, art, culture, and society. Brought together under the umbrella of the digital humanities, these initiatives have opened up a new set of analytical pathways for scholars across history, art history, literature, philosophy, and other disciplines. They have also brought humanities scholars into direct communication with those in otherwise distant disciplines, such as computer science, geography, and mathematics. In this talk, we will explore the goals and methods of the digital humanities, using cases from art history as springboards. We will also highlight the ways in which the core practices of the digital humanities intersect, but also diverge from the goals and outlook of other domains in data science.

Jeffrey Kirkwood’s new book with the University of Minnesota Press’s Posthumanities series

Jeffrey West Kirkwood and Leif Weatherby have edited and written an extensive introduction to the first ever English translation of Ernst Kapp’s 1877 magnum opus Elements of a Philosophy of Technology: On the Evolutionary History of Culture. The book was the first to propose a philosophy of technology and is an important precursor to media theoretical, cybernetic, and psychoanalytic discourses.