Tom McDonough in conversation with artist Amie Siegel at Simon Preston Gallery, New York

At 5:00 PM on Sunday, March 17, Tom McDonough (Associate Professor) will join artist Amie Siegel for a conversation about her work to mark the publication of the catalogue Amie Siegel: Ricochet (2019), to which he has also contributed. The event, which includes a screening of Siegel’s 2016 film Genealogies, will be held at Simon Preston Gallery, 1 Rivington Street, New York.

Alicia Wilcox Walker of Bryn Mawr to deliver 2019 Ferber Lecture on Wednesday 13 March

Associate Professor Alicia Wilcox Walker (History of Art, Bryn Mawr College) will deliver the 2019 Ferber Lecture as part of the Spring 2019 VizCult Dean’s Speaker Series, 5:00 PM on Wednesday 13 March in FA 143. Entitled “Erotic Images, Christian Eyes: Seeing with the Body and Soul in Byzantium,” her talk explores how the Greco-Roman tradition contributed in meaningful ways to Byzantine paradigms of female behavior, self-understanding, and comportment. Female characters of antique myth and epic remained relevant in the Byzantine world because they provided compelling models for how corporeal beauty and sexual allure might be advantageously deployed, as well as cautionary examples of how people who engaged with these powerful forces might be corrupted. Her paper explores how Byzantine women’s bodies were put in dialogue with visual and textual portrayals of pagan goddesses and heroines, and how these practices changed in fundamental ways from the early to middle Byzantine eras.

Tom McDonough contributes essay to monograph on artist Eileen Quinlan

Tom McDonough (Associate Professor) contributes an in-depth critical essay to Good Enough, a book surveying Eileen Quinlan’s use of Polaroid film from 2006 to 2017. Quinlan (born 1972), an internationally renowned artist and self-described “still-life photographer,” uses medium- and large-format analog cameras to create abstract photographs, working the film with steel wool or lengthy chemical processing. Among the subjects of her photographs are smoke, mirrors, Mylar, colored lights and other photographs. Initially used as a tool for proofing, Quinlan’s Polaroids can be seen as sketches, moments in which crucial formal and conceptual questions were explored and worked out. Moving through her extensive archive, one can find the origins of almost every larger body of work, as well as many ideas that remained in the repository, evidencing the artist’s desire to push beyond the constraints of her apparatus.

Dissertation Defense: Laine Little, March 29

A Hydrographical and Chorographical Chart of the Philippine Islands, World Digital Library

Lalaine Bangilan Little, PhD candidate in the department of art history, will defend her dissertation, “Retablo: Configuring Relationships, Spaces, and Activities in the Eighteenth-Century Spanish Philippines” on Friday, March 29, 2019, at 12 pm in FA 218. The committee members include Professors Nancy Um (chair), Pamela Smart, John Chaffee, and Cynthia Marasigan (outside examiner). This dissertation defense is open to the public.

Nancy Um at the University of Minnesota

Cup, Jingdezhen, China, 1662-1722, porcelain, underglaze cobalt blue, Victoria and Albert Museum, FE 37-2008.

Nancy Um will present a lecture at the Center for Early Modern History at the University of Minnesota on Friday, March 15. It is entitled, “Beyond Blue and White: Itineraries of Porcelain in the Early 18th C.” More information:

Jeffrey West Kirkwood in Texte zur Kunst

In early January, the Haus der Kulturen der Welt opened its series of events “The New Alphabet“ in Berlin. The project tries to find new modes of collective understanding in our multilingual world – languages, codes and alphabets are examined as crafts of knowledge production, but also as instruments of power. The art historian Jeffrey West Kirkwood was present at the opening event that included works, performances and discussions by Filipa César, Alexander Kluge, Hito Steyerl, among many others.

Hito Steyerl, The Laguage of Broken Glass, 2018. Stop Making Sense. 12.1.2019.