Alicia Wilcox Walker of Bryn Mawr to deliver 2019 Ferber Lecture on Wednesday 13 March

Associate Professor Alicia Wilcox Walker (History of Art, Bryn Mawr College) will deliver the 2019 Ferber Lecture as part of the Spring 2019 VizCult Dean’s Speaker Series, 5:00 PM on Wednesday 13 March in FA 143. Entitled “Erotic Images, Christian Eyes: Seeing with the Body and Soul in Byzantium,” her talk explores how the Greco-Roman tradition contributed in meaningful ways to Byzantine paradigms of female behavior, self-understanding, and comportment. Female characters of antique myth and epic remained relevant in the Byzantine world because they provided compelling models for how corporeal beauty and sexual allure might be advantageously deployed, as well as cautionary examples of how people who engaged with these powerful forces might be corrupted. Her paper explores how Byzantine women’s bodies were put in dialogue with visual and textual portrayals of pagan goddesses and heroines, and how these practices changed in fundamental ways from the early to middle Byzantine eras.

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