Karen Barzman publishes collaborative work in the journal, Geoadria

Professor Karen-edis Barzman, an NEH Fellow this year at the Newberry Library in Chicago, announces the publication of collaborative research on the earliest detailed topographic drawing of the north and central coastal region of present-day Croatia, long part of the Venetian republic’s maritime empire. The article, “Cartography in the Service of the Venetian State: An Early Sixteenth-Century Map of Central and Northern Dalmatia by an Unknown Draftsman,” which was co-authored with Kritijan Juran (Dept. of History, University of Zadar) and Josip Faričić (Dept. of Geography, University of Zadar), appears in the journal Geoadria.

Undergraduate Activities: Caelum Rogers at the SUNY New Paltz Undergraduate Art History Symposium

Art History major Caelum Rogers will be presenting a paper on April 18 at the second annual SUNY New Paltz Undergraduate Art History Symposium:

A Century of Photography: History of Japanese Photographic Expression in the Past 100 Years and the Legacy of Realism in Post-War Japan

This presentation aims to situate the exhibition, A Century of Photography: History of Japanese Photographic Expression in the Past 100 Years, held in Tokyo in 1968, within the larger context of twentieth-century debates in Japan on the nature and role of photographic realism. It examines the central roles played by Taki Koji and Nakahira Takuma in shaping the way that the history of Japanese photography was presented in the exhibition, and the close relationship between that history and the larger photo-critical project Taki and Nakahira pursued in their short-lived photo-magazine, Provoke. Tracing the development of realist photographic aesthetics in the period before 1945, the presentation seeks to show how that aesthetic laid the basis for the dominant forms of post-war Japanese photography. It was an aesthetic challenged, however, by Taki and Nakahira, and analysis of the structure of the 1968 exhibition shows that the exhibition’s narrative of history directly engaged contemporary aesthetic and political debates around photography through Taki and Nakahira’s use of nineteenth-century archival photography to critique Japanese photography’s claims to truth and to offer a radically different understanding of photographic realism.

Tom McDonough in conversation with artist Danh Vo

In conjunction with the “PROFIT and LOSS Symposium,” to be held March 6-7 at the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design at the University of Toronto, Prof. Tom McDonough will be in conversation with Vietnamese-Danish artist Danh Vo. The symposium provides a platform for artists, curators, and writers to discuss works of theirs that touch on the Vietnam War. For more information, visit https://www.daniels.utoronto.ca/events/2020/03/06/profit-and-loss-symposium.