Apply to Indian Ocean Exchanges

Indian Ocean Exchanges is an art history research, fellowship, and travel program that aims to build a robust network of international scholars and professionals who are committed to advancing Indian Ocean art history. The program posits the collective experiences of cross-cultural travel, exchange, and community formation as the foundation to cultivate this sub-field in formation, with the goal of widening and amplifying the expertise that develops in any single regional (and landed) context. 

The program will host a cohort of 15 international fellows, mainly emerging scholars, providing opportunities for connection along shared intellectual affinities. Indian Ocean Exchanges will be launched through a series of virtual meetings that will begin in Summer 2021. In 2022, the cohort will embark, as a group, on three international study trips, to be held on the Arabian Peninsula (2022), in Southeast Asia (2022), and on the coast of East Africa (2023). Each of these study trips will provide opportunities to visit local archaeological and heritage sites and museum collections. They will also entail public presentations of ongoing research to the local community. These plans may be modified or delimited, however, based on COVID travel restrictions. 

This project is organized by Nancy Um (Binghamton University). The project team includes Prita Meier (NYU), Trinidad Rico (Rutgers), Imran Bin Tajudeen (National University of Singapore), and Athman Hussein (National Museums of Kenya).

The eligibility requirements and application form can be found here:  

An open information session about the program will be held on Monday, March 29, 8 am EDT New York | 3 pm EAT Mombasa | 4 pm GST Doha | 5:30 pm IST Mumbai | 8 pm SGT Singapore. Register via Zoom:–vpzMrG91QS9ZjcfBfjQVRd1_-BcxX
This program is made possible with support from the Getty Foundation through its Connecting Art Histories initiative.

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