Sun Yang Park in “Art Critique of Taiwan”

Doctoral student Sun Yang Park’s article “Native Speakers as Global Communicators: Kim Sooja and Yang Haegue” has been translated from English into traditional Chinese and published in Art Critique of Taiwan 87 (Autumn 2021). The article examines internationally acclaimed Korean contemporary artists Kim Sooja and Yang Haegue and their relationship to issues of identity and feminism.

The journal issue contains articles and interviews related to a number of female contemporary artists in Korea, Taiwan, and Japan. A A link to the issue can be found here.

Winter Exhibitions Opening at the University Art Museum

On Thursday, January 27, from 5:00 to 7:00 PM there will be an opening reception for the seven exhibitions featured this season including:

Miseries and Misfortunes: How Jacques Callot Critiqued War

The Materiality of Medieval Manuscripts

Black Imagination Patterns

Red & Black to White & Blue: The Transformation of the Classical Vase

The World After Us: Imagining Techno-Aesthetic Futures

Big Prints: Techniques and Technologies

Topographies: Changing Conceptions of the American Landscape

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