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Graduate Activities: Pei-Chun Viola Hsieh

image from Journal of TFAM (Taipei Fine Art Museum)

Attached is the link to the full journal, including: “Hsieh Pei-chun, A Nomad in Nowhereland: Hsieh Tehching, One Year Performance (Outdoor Piece) 1981-2.”

Roundtable published on Scalar with Lauren Cesiro as Digital Content Manager



Screenshot from Itinera, modified by Nancy Um on Adobe Illustrator.

Lauren Cesiro served as the Digital Content Manager for “Itinera’s Displacements: A Roundtable,” published on Scalar and written by Christopher Drew Armstrong, Lily Brewer, Jennifer Donnelly, Alison Langmead, Vee McGyver, and Meredith North. This roundtable appeared in “Coordinates: Digital Mapping and Eighteenth-Century Visual, Material and Built Cultures,” a special issue of Journal18: a journal of eighteenth-century art and culture, co-edited by Carrie Anderson and Nancy Um.
Visit the project here: