Binghamton in California


Meiqin Wang (PhD 2007), Associate Professor in the Art Department at California State University, Northridge is currently an ACLS American Research in the Humanities in China fellow and based in Beijing. Recently, she returned to California for a short visit and had lunch with Nancy Um and Hala Auji (PhD 2013).


Today at “Crossing the Boundaries XXI: Dis/Place”

rivka-levi-evacuation_for_ariellaJoin us at “Crossing the Boundaries XXI: Displace” for today’s events, including graduate panels on “Museological Practice,” “The Fragmented Body,” In Ruins,” and “Interior/Exterior,” Be sure not to miss the last event of the conference, Ariella Azoulay’s keynote address. Follow the links for times and locations.

Welcome, Antea!

Antea Margherita Casella Tagg was born in Ithaca on January 15th. Art historians will recognize her name from Parmigianino’s mysterious and beautiful portrait in the Museo di Capodimonte in Naples, which was on special loan at the Frick Collection in New York in the opening months of 2008, when Antea’s parents were both fellows in the Department of Photographs at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.