VizCult: Samuel Johnson, Assistant Professor, Art & Music Histories, Syracuse University

A Typographical Architecture? El Lissitzky and the Discourse of the City.
Wednesday 28 November, 5:00pm in FA 143


Next VizCult speaker: Tom McDonough on “The Gestus of Things,” Wed 17 Oct

In this world where the fetishization of the self has become a central tenet of the social order, where we are obliged to continuously produce the effects of selfhood – to “possess” autonomous agency, youthful beauty, rich personality – where we approximate ever more closely the status of what Mario Perniola has called “feeling things,” is it time to allow for the possibility that things, too, might have become, in Brecht’s term, gestisch? This question comes to mind when considering artist Christopher Williams’s Stage Play, presented over the course of three nights in late May 2017 at a small theater in Zürich.

Tom McDonough (Assoc Prof, Art History) teaches and writes on aspects of the European avant-gardes, modern art and architecture, and twentieth-century French cultural and intellectual history.

5:00 PM in FA 143