Dissertation Defense: Zohreh Soltani

Dissertation Defense
Zohreh Soltani, PhD. Candidate
“Tehran: A Symptomatic Rendering of Public Architecture”
Committee Members: Tom McDonough and Nancy Um (co-advisors), Julia Walker, Kent Schull (outside examiner)
This defense is open to the public, however, a password is required to attend. The password will circulate in a separate email to departmental faculty and graduate students, but may also be requested directly from Nancy Um or Zohreh Soltani.

Karen Barzman publishes collaborative work in the journal, Geoadria

Professor Karen-edis Barzman, an NEH Fellow this year at the Newberry Library in Chicago, announces the publication of collaborative research on the earliest detailed topographic drawing of the north and central coastal region of present-day Croatia, long part of the Venetian republic’s maritime empire. The article, “Cartography in the Service of the Venetian State: An Early Sixteenth-Century Map of Central and Northern Dalmatia by an Unknown Draftsman,” which was co-authored with Kritijan Juran (Dept. of History, University of Zadar) and Josip Faričić (Dept. of Geography, University of Zadar), appears in the journal Geoadria.